Who we are

Our Mission

To assist organizations, make sense of the humongous amounts of data around and within them and enhance the quality of their strategic and communication decisions.

Our Vision

Create a global ecosystem which is driven by data and insights: where organisations make data- driven robust decisions, for such decisions make the foundation for growth strategy across industries.

Our Integrity

NSIGHT is committed to the highest levels of integrity at all times and throughout all levels – with our clients, employees, service providers, and society at large.

What we do

Global Footprint

NSIGHT is a fast-growing Global Data Science firm with its headquarters in India and presence across Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe. We have empowered our clients across 14 countries by successfully delivering high-value data science and digital communication projects over the past nine years.

Media Centre

Our cross-industry expertise, world-class research, and business perspectives are featured in top-tier publications



Director's Message

Aditi Gopal

Data Science empowers decisions. And, if every organization makes data data-driven decisions, they will set themselves up for growth. It is with this conviction that the foundation of NSIGHT Consulting was conceptually laid in 2011 in London. NSIGHT came into being a year later with the singular resolve to improve the quality of strategic and communication decision making. And every single day we endeavour to empower our clients with this belief on their journey to value creation.